Puppet, FreeBSD and custom $PACKAGESITE

I recently noticed a puppet managed server installed a package that wasn’t supposed to be available …
The thing is, we’re running Tinderbox to build our own packages from ports, it’s kind of normal when using FreeBSD and it’s ‘rolling release, source based software package system (ports)’ .
Anyway, we’ve setup all servers with a global PACKAGESITE variable pointing to our local repo, so that pkg_add and portmaster will pull packages from there.
We distribute config files and so on via puppet, and what happened was that when running puppet initially it will push out the global /etc/csh.cshrc config which contains the magic PACKAGESITE setup, but at the same time it will start installing a bunch of packages without actually source’ing the /etc/csh.cshrc … So actually PACKAGESITE is empty the first time puppet runs, and that means pkg_add will default to the official FreeBSD packagesite …
This is not how I want it, because for instance a FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE with an empty PACKAGESITE will pull packages from a spesific ports ‘freeze’ around the 8.2-RELEASE, and that’s a long time ago today … Next time I install any extra packages on that system, it’ll use our internal PACKAGESITE, and now our system has a mix of our lates ports and the original ports from RELEASE, and stuff start to get complicated ….

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