Have puppet replace a folder with a symlink

I’ve got some perl webapps that tend to have ‘wrong’ directory setup when I checkout the code from github. We use puppet to take care of these things for us (I will always forget these settings on at least 1 node for every upgrade) .
I noticed puppet may complain about :

[...]ensure: change from directory to link failed: Could not remove existing file

You solve this easily with the:

force => true

directive in your puppet config .

The puppet documentation is extensive, though I find it a bit cumbersome everytime I need a fast lookup for some minor detail.
Thanks to groups.google.com I found this solution quick !
(But puppet already tried to tell me that with : “: Not removing directory; use ‘force’ to override”, but I’m slow :p)

One comment on “Have puppet replace a folder with a symlink

  1. thinkwell June 28, 2013 12:09 am

    Thanks a lot! I must have been blind to miss the puppet output hint. 😐

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